How to wear printed fabrics with chic style...

Many luxurious fabrics create statement with their appeal. Beautifully printed fabrics create stunning and a unique look. Choosing printed fabrics can show the persons individuality and style.

A lot of women have some printed pieces in their wardrobes, they can style the look for the occasion they go to. Printed fabrics are great, but they must be combined correctly when mixing and matching with plain clothes. For example wearing printed shirt or t-shirt with plain jeans or chinos can look great. Where as wearing check printed shirt with print skirt may not look attractive to the eye.

The seasons can also determine how to team up prints. During spring with the weather getting warmer which is a good sign to boost our energies, the bright and colourful printed skirts, tops and dresses can be worn by mixing them with plain clothes.

If we want to create a casual look, printed tops and t-shirts can be worn outside workplace however, the printed skirt or dresses can be worn with plain colour jackets for work.

Floral prints are ideal for summer & beach holidays, they bring a lot of vibes to beautiful warm, sunny days. Some leisure wear also have beautiful geometric prints on them, when exercising in the gym or even jogging on the street, the printed leisure wear looks great.

For anyone who loves prints, there are plenty options available to choose from i.e. florals, paisley, african, geometric, batik and multi colour ombre to name a few.

What ever is your choice, enjoy wearing your prints.

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