How To Choose The Best Lipstick

It can be really hard to choose the right colour lipstick sometimes. As there are so much choice out there with many brands providing such different colour shades and varieties. It is so important to find out the under tone of your skin is the first step towards choosing your lipstick. There is a simple test anyone can do on their skin to find out about their skin tone.

The test is very simple and it must be done during daylight. If you look inside your wrist, you can see the colour of your veins. If the colour of your veins are green colour then you are a warm skin colour. If the colour of your veins are blue then you are a cold skin colour and if you are in between then you are neutral.

Finding the right colours will look good on you. It is important to test the colour on you. Whether you decide to go for nude natural tones or red tones. It is best to test them. You can do this by swatching the colour on the back of your hand and then trying them on your lips, that way you can see weather the colour will match with your skin tone. The other consideration is tho choose the lipstick will also bring your eyes colour out too. It can be really overwhelming of choosing the right shade. The more neutral colours can be worn any time of the day and some darker shades of reds can look great for going out or matching it with the outfit.

There are also several varieties in textures of the lipsticks such as matte, satin finish etc.

The matte lipsticks are full of colour with almost no shine.

The lustre lipsticks tend to have high shine.

The satin lipsticks have more of a sheen and satiny finish

The frost lipsticks have frosty finish

The amplified lipsticks have medium shine.

The above provides basic ideas about testing and trying out some colours. So why not go out and try your shade of colour.

Some ideas from Estee Lauder lipstick.

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