Choosing Your Perfume

It is a bit tricky subject but the fragrance must be chosen to match the personality of the individual. The perfume must be tried on. It is so overwhelming to choose a perfume will reflect the personality and to collaborate with the outfit and the event. It is best to start with what kind of scent does one like and that will help to narrow down the choice of many.

The attraction of scent is a good way to start. Exploring different types of perfume is interesting. What do women take note of choosing perfume for example will it be refreshing, light and airy, floral, exotic and spicy or sensational.

There are so many fragrances are alluring orange blossom, lavender, rose, pineapple, lilies and the list goes on. For spring season, the refreshing scents are ideal, for summer season fresh and fruity scents are good. For autumn and winter spicy, woody and musky scents can be chosen.

All these types of scents provide a beautiful feeling. It is good to try the perfume on wrists or neck to feel the scent on individual body as all fragrances smell differently on each individual as we are all made up differently.

An exotic mix of oriental flowers such as wild orchids, pink pepper, cloves, bergamots and mandarins create richness on the skin.

A rich been of vanilla, spices, resins or amber can be a perfect blend for your skin and just try them out to find the perfect one for you.

Perfume has the highest volume of essential oil between 15-40%.

- Eau de perfume has 10-15% concentration essential oil

- Eau de toilette the concentration is between 5-10%

- Eau de Cologne concentration 2-5 percent

The above are the approximate guidelines to consider when purchasing perfume.

Perfume has powerful emotional effects such as bringing memories back and we can create new memories by choosing lovely scents which we can enjoy wearing for many occasions. The beautiful scent can create a big boost to psyche. - Fragrance Signorina Eau de Toilette - Mason Francis Kurkdjian

Baccarat Rouge 540 Fragrance Eau De Parfume

Some ideas above on various Fragrances

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