How to create beautiful gowns using fine fabrics ...

Gorgeous Fabrics for Inspiration

For many designers using delicious, delicate and natural fine fabrics are essential needs to create their collection. Dealing with fine fabrics such as lace, silk, viscose, velvet, jacquard, cotton and wool are just to name from many.

The beautiful gowns in designers collection tend to be created with accented tones, embellishments, delicate mix of colours flowers and trimmings. This can be seen in runways and exhibitions when the collection is shown.

Sometimes the fashion fabrics inspire the designs and some other times is the reverse. Developing design concepts go through many stages. Experimenting with different fabrics to see how they will behave for a particular design is an important step. The visual sources will be explored to see whether it will work. Sometimes mixing different textured fabrics can work very well within the design theme. Also mixing different colour of fabric and finishing the garments with various trimmings can create a wealth of sophisticated look to the design.

Understanding about the fabrics will help immensely for developing the final look on the design. For inspirational ideas, the historical references, current trends, street style, old movies, magazines and museums can provide very valuable information. The information gathered from these sources will be the beginning stage of a creating design used by beautiful fabrics.

For many designers who aim to create aesthetically pleasing garment will consider shape, form, texture and colour for creating harmony. From researching to sketching then exploring ideas of mixing various fabrics textures and colours will be the process of developing new ideas. When the garment is completed, the result will look amazing. There are a lot of beautiful fine fabrics are out there, we are always spoilt for choice.

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