Wedding Hats

The guests will need to know any dress code requirements for the wedding prior to the wedding. The invitation should say whether the wedding is going to be relaxed, fun and jolly or it is going to be in a traditional style.

If the wedding going to be in traditional style than it is very likely that the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom will be expected to wear hats. It is a custom that the Mother of Groom’s hat should be smaller than the Mother of the Bride as the guest should not be out shining the host.

The size of the hat can be determined by the time of the wedding. If it is going to be later in the afternoon, the smaller hat will be more appropriate. The colour of the hat is also important, it is best to avoid wearing black or the white colour hats. The white colour is not a good idea as the bride is wearing white and black is not a good choice of a colour for a wedding.

There are lots of styles to the hats and finishings. The fascinators can create a stunning impact without hiding the hair. If the hair is going to be up, it may be a good idea to consider bunching it to one side to allow the fascinator to sit within the hair. Some of the fascinators come with comb and some of them with bands. The fascinators look wonderful at the service and an evening reception. They also create a style statement and express personality and an individual look.

If the dress is made bespoke than it may be considered to get a milliner to custom make the hat to match the outfit of Mother of the Bride, Groom of the Bride or the best friend. A unique style and elegantly structured hat will look wonderful and complete the look. The feathers, bows, crystal beading, wiring edges and flowers make the finishing of the hats and fascinators beautiful for any occasion.

So dress up in hats and fascinators and feel fabulous...

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