• flddarby

A Stylish Winter Wedding

It can be a wonderful way to walk in a snowy day to get married. A winter wedding can be just is fun and exciting as a spring, summer or autumn weddings. You can have a perfect outfit wearing your wedding dress with a beautiful shrug which can be a faux fur or even a wool cashmere. Completing the look of your wedding dress with a wool shawl or a beautiful cashmere jumper can look really beautiful and elegant.

A lot of venues such as country hotels, barns even stately homes or pretty village halls can create a whimsical wedding. The old beams and beautiful fairy lights can create a dramatic look for your wedding decoration. If you are going to organise the venue and decoration yourself, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. Friends and family are always a great help to organise your own wedding the way you want it. Choosing the wedding dress, cake. venue decoration, flowers an the photographer is a really enjoyable experience. The winter wedding will be just as beautiful as summer ones, you just have to enjoy your day with the rhythm of the music.